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The Benefits of installing FIRECLASS into a Residential Care Home
Overview: The Requirements for installing a suitable fire detection and alarm system within a Residential Care Home in the UK is described within the BS5839-1:2002 Code of practice as being typically an L1 or L3 system. In the larger premises L1 would be regarded as more appropriate.
The reliability of the system is paramount as its primary function is to protect life. Unlike most building whose occupants are of sound mind and body, this is not always the case in residential care premises and this should be taken into account when designing the system. Disruption can be stressful to residents and it is therefore vital that the chosen system provides effective cover, performs reliably, and gives the maximum possible warning in the event of fire, given the additional difficulties in evacuating residents to safety.
The FIRECLASS fire detection and alarm system is a complete system from a single manufacturer designed to provide optimum performance at all times. Some of the systems key features are highlighted below.
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