Product of the month – IP Module FC500 IP3

​The Fireclass FC501 IP module allows the remote control, and configuration of the FC501 over the TCP/IP Ethernet network, the same control as that on the USB connection.  This consequently allows a small system to have the full use of the head-end graphics connected over the TCP/IP cabling with the added ability of being able to make remote configuration changes.

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The IP Module represents great value for money and is almost unrivalled when compared with other like for like products in the marketplace.  
The IP Module is fitted inside the FC501 panel and connected directly with a LAN cable to internet. It allows installers to program and users to monitor and control the system remotely, which simplifies the operation greatly and reduces the number of site visits required. Any maintenance support can also use it in order to check whether there is a fault in the system and/or whether the detectors require simple cleaning.
Features & Benefits


  • It is an optional module that can be fitted inside the FC501.
  • It allows the installer to program the panel via IP from remote (only using the installer password) 
  • It allows the user to view in real time the log, the analogue values at any point (for example the temperature of the heat detectors, the smoke level for smoke detectors etc), how clean the  smoke detectors are.
  • It allows the user to perform basic functions remotely such as silence, reset, resound, evacuate as well as to investigate. 
  • It can send events (alarm, pre-alarm, fault, test, warning) using a digital protocol to a central monitoring station.


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