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The graphic maps software that we have incorporated into our FireClass FC501 control panel is an extremely popular product feature with installers and fire detection professionals. The free graphic maps software, based on a multilevel maps tree structure allows a remote real time visualization of any loop, zone and point status and the simple remote user interface with control buttons (reset, silence, evacuate), allow users to manage the system from any location in the world.
The configuration software is extraordinarily user friendly and provides a graphic interface that displays all devices connected to the different zones.  A battery and wire calculation tool is included in the software to help the installer in sizing up the system.
The FC501 software allows the use of real time monitoring and logging of the system on USB connection or over TCP/IP (with the IP module) this also allows the use of Graphic Maps to pinpoint the actual source of fire, saving time and ensuring the fire is traceable.
Graphic map image_500px.png
The graphic maps are extremely easy to be created and configured. The result is to provide views of the floor where the user can see from remote what is going on in the system. It means that the user can click on a detector to see the analogue value at that point.  The user can also enable or disable points remotely.  When a fault or an alarm occurs, the area highlighted starts to flash.  The floor or the zone that has the fault can then be visualized by clicking onto it.  The panel will also show whether it is in alarm mode or fault mode.
It is also possible to enter the address of a webcam and link it to a device so that once the device goes into alarm mode, the user can click on it and visualize what the webcam is recording in the room.
When comparing having this option on an integrated system, there is a reasonable cost saving benefit to having this included with the FC501.  Many smaller, addressable / conventional systems do not have this feature.
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