January Product Feature - PSTN Interface on the FC501 Control Panel


FireClass PSTN interface for the Addressable FC501 Fire Alarm Control Panel

The PSTN interface is a feature of the FireClass 128 device, 32 zone addressable fire alarm control panel. This panel is a world first and offers digital addressable technology but at a conventional price point.  This means price needs never again be a consideration in saving lives and property.

The PSTN interface allows the FC501 fire alarm panel to communicate using a telephone landline and also dials out vocal messages up to 32 numbers.  These messages can be alarm, fault, warning and other events.  This helps to protect lives as fast as possible whilst at the same time reducing false alarm calls which can be extremely costly events both for the company and the fire service.  The 32 phone numbers that will receive the message are divided into 3 groups, fault messages, alarm messages and all messages. The messages can be recorded using the FireClass Console software.  On the FC501 addressable fire alarm control panel, the recorded messages can be saved on a USB memory stick and copied into the panel.  Having a range of numbers and solutions available has numerous benefits to end users, fire alarm installers, facility managers and fire alarm engineers.  If there is a fault the fire alarm engineer or maintenance company would receive a call, in which case they can ensure the issue is fixed immediately, with no downtime for the business or fire alarm.  If there is a fire alarm, the building owner and fire brigade would also get a call immediately.  If there is not a landline phone in the building, the PSTN interface within the FC501 can use an external GSM communicator to send messages.

The PSTN interface also allows the ability to send event codes with SIA or Contact ID protocols. These protocols are common for security systems.  Fire and security companies are familiar with these protocols in intrusion systems and the added ability in the fire alarm system ensures perfect integration with existing security alarm systems.  With the PSTN interface which is in all the FC501 addressable fire alarm control panels, any event, be it an alarm of fault can alert a monitoring station, the security company can then send someone to the site or instruct the police.


Here is a list of events that can be sent by phone call or SIA/Contact ID

list of events that can be sent by phone call or SIA Contact ID.png

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