FireClass Product of the Month FC410DIM Module


FireClass Conventional Zone Monitor Addressable Loop Module FC410DIM 555.800.712.jpg

The FireClass Input module FC410DIM is a module to interface a conventional zone with an addressable fire alarm system.  It provides the ability for fire system installers to create an addressable fire alarm system in an existing site or building, where conventional detectors may already exist.  This is perfect for where an extension is being added to a building, or when a building is being refurbished. 


The FireClass FC410DIM provides numerous cost savings to installers and customers.  Rather than having to refit an entire building with an addressable system, the FC410DIM can allow existing conventional fire and smoke detectors to interface with a fully addressable fire alarm panel. 


The conventional zone is wired to the FireClass FC410DIM module.  The FireClass input module is connected to the loop and is thus integrated into the addressable system.
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