FireClass J400 Series of conventional fire detection panels are now available



We are happy to inform you that the new J400 Series of conventional fire detection panels  are now available in the UK!  The J400 Series Panels  are microprocessor based conventional control panels suitable for small to medium applications.  Fully EN54 CPR approved they are the best choice in terms of value for money for a conventional system. J400 ensure maximum reliability - over the last 10 years, more than 20,000 panels have been successfully installed in many countries across Continental Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America.

Those panels are “out of the box” and can be fully programmable via keypad. Moreover an intuitive and user friendly configuration software is available to make the programming even quicker and simpler.

But that’s not all… J400 panels do not offer just the minimum features that a simple conventional system needs.  In addition to the sounder circuit and the fire and fault relays they have alarm repeater outputs for each zone, a power loss output, a dialer output and a programmable open collector output.  Day/Night mode are available, a pre-alarm time is programmable for any single zone, investigation time is programmable as well.  Moreover a log of 50 events is available, the 1st zone is compatible with a 4-20 mA gas detector, alarm verification and other features are available.

The optional Software in Windows™ environment, allows full systems management of events memory and  files and all the programmable functions provided by the control panel. In order to provide the compatibility with all conventional detectors/callpoints in the market and make the retrofit projects easier, the software contains a wizard function to program the alarm and fault thresholds automatically.


  • The J400 Series panels consist of J408 and J424 panels.J408 is available in three not expandable versions with 2,4, or 8 zones.
  • J424 is a full metal enclosure panel that comes with 8 zones but it’s expandable to 16 or 24 zones by means of one or two expansion boards.
  • J408-8 zones version and J424 can be connected to up to 4 repeaters.
  • An optional LCD display can be mounted on J424 panels or on the repeaters.


Besides the detection functions, the J400 series of panels provide a basic and cost effective solution for extinguishing systems as well.  All panels in the J400 range can be fitted with an extinguishing module, the J424 can fit  two modules.


General Features
  •  EN54 approved
  •  Optional extinguishment module EN12094-1 approved
  •  Up to 32 devices can be connected to each zone
  •  Input for 4 – 20 mA gas detectors
  •  One alarm-repeat output (open collector) for each input zone
  •  Signals missing detectors
  •   2 supervised, silenceable, bypassable 24 V alarm output for sounders
  •   Silenceable fault-warning output for the activation of signalling and auxiliary devices
  •   Supervised fire output for telephone dialer activation
  •   Programmable open-collector output
  •   Dry contact alarm-relay for the activation of auxiliary devices
  •   Day/Night mode
  •   Alarm verification time
  •   Programmable restoral and reset times
  •   Programmable from PC or keypad
  •   50 event log viewed via PC
  •   Alarm/fault memory activated until next reset
  •   Command for silencing sirens
  •   Keypad commands require key or pin code
  •   Repeater available (J408-8 and J424-8 only)
  •   RS485 interface: Only available for J408-8 and  J424 panels
  •   RS232 Serial Port
  •   Programmable Threshold
  •   27.6 Vdc 1.5 A PSU for J408 panels
  •   27.6 Vdc 2.5 A PSU for J408 panels
  •   Compartment for 2 - 12 V 7 A batteries


Extinguishing Module Features
  • Output for electro-valves controlled by logic (AND/OR) between the status of the control panel zones
  • Programmable extinguishment delay
  • Output signals: extinguishment delay, extinguishment and released input for the forced activation of the extinguishment devices 
  • Input for the pressure switch
  • Fault signalling on pressure-switch supply line
  • Fault signalling on input lines
  • Bypass of extinguishment devices in the event of false alarm
  • Inputs for selecting manual or automatic mode, extinguishment inhibit and power supply supervision.


557.201.522      J408-2 2 Zone Conventional Fire Panel
557.201.523      J408-4 4 Zone Conventional Fire Panel
557.201.524      J408-8 8 Zone Conventional Fire Panel
557.201.525      J424-8 8 Zone Conventional Fire Panel expandable up to 24
557.201.526      J400-REP Repeater for J424 and J408-8 control panels
557.201.527      J400-LCD LCD display module for J424 panels
508.031.726      J400-EXT Extinguishment module for J400 series
508.031.725      J400EXP8 8 zone expander module for J424 panels

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