FireClass Addressable Fire Alarm Systems are now EN54-13 approved


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Security and Safety are increasingly more important in building and architectural design.  As a result the challenges for effective fire detection, to quickly and accurately detect a fire are increasing. Therefore the technology has had to adapt to ensure that modern buildings are adequately protected from fire risk and that no false alarms occur.

In addition to that, the market has been searching for a systems-based approach to fire detection, as opposed to components-based, for some time. Rather than relying solely on each component to provide high levels of protection, the entire system monitors the building and offers a total fire detection solution. 

This was driven by both installer and end users, as they needed to know that the system they bought and installed would work seamlessly, without the risk of various suppliers not integrating 100% with other fire equipment on site.FireClass Multi Sensor Smoke Detector Addressable Heat Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm FC460PC 516.460.504.jpg

EN 54-13 – Compatibility and integrity assessment of system components – is part of the EN54 series of Standards dealing with fire detection and alarm systems. This calls for the testing of a system to ensure full functional compatibility of the various components regardless of the manufacturer or brand. It is a standard for system performance rather than a product standard.

EN54-13 is not a mandated Standard under the CPD (or CPR) so it cannot be used as a basis for CE marking a product or system.
Part 13 contains some technical requirements that are not included in other relevant parts of EN54 (specifically EN54-2, -4, 16, -18 and -25) and it is quite possible to find that CE marked fire alarm system components that comply with their relevant EN54 standard, function fully to their manufacturer’s specification and meet all of their manufacturer’s compatibility requirements but still do not satisfy EN54-13.

FireClass Addressable Loop Four Input Output Module FC410QIO edit 555.800.771.jpgTherefore it should be noted that in asking for compliance with EN54-13, a customer, test house or national regulatory body is asking for something over and above the requirements needed to satisfy the CPD / CPR.

The following are the key points from the scope of the standard:

• It specifies the requirements for compatibility and connectability assessment of system components.
• It specifies system design and functional requirements where these are necessary for compatibility.
• It specifies the requirements for the integrity of the fire detection and alarm system when connected to other systems.
• It specifies the test and assessment methods required to show compliance.
• It is applicable to systems where the control and indicating equipment and components are interconnected by electrical wires.
• It may be used for guidance for systems where the control and indicating equipment and components are connected by other means such as radio and optical fibre. 
Even if EN54-13 is not a mandate standard it is being increasingly used by Test Houses / Certification Bodies to assess the compatibility of system components, which may be CE marked through compliance with other EN54 series standards.

System compatibility approval is used in several European regions (including Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands) as part of the requirement for approval of a commercial installation.
Additionally some European states are calling for fire alarm components such as, control and indicating equipment, detectors, notification devices etc. to be third party tested for compatibility and certified to EN54-13 before entry into the market is allowed; and the number of states with this requirement is expected to grow.

Fulleon AV Symphoni Addressable Loop Powered Fire Alarm Beacon Sounder Horn Red FC410LPAVR 516.800.763.jpgAs a Leading company in Fire Detection FireClass has already pushed it’s approvals beyond the minimum requirements and now a new important step forward is done!

FireClass has just achieved the EN54-13 approval so now the FireClass Addressable panels, together with detectors, callpoints, modules and sounders are now approved as a system and not just as a sum of components.

This is a rare achievement for an Open Protocol system. Most Open Protocol systems are made up from a group of components from difference manufacturers, brought together on an install. Therefore it is difficult to co-ordinate and achieve part-13 approval for this type of an approach.

By insisting or specifying FireClass products you give both the end user and installer maximum choice and maximum certification, at competitive market price.

For once there is just the positive without the negatives!

If you’d like more information in Part-13, or FireClass in general then please get in touch with our team. They will be happy to send information, talk on the phone, or visit in person.
FireClass products with EN54-13 system approval
Part Number Product Description 

516.460.502 FC460P Photo Detector
516.460.503 FC460H Heat Detector
516.460.501 FC460PH Photo Heat Detector
516.460.504 FC460PC Triple Sensor
514.800.803 FC420CP Indoor Call Point
514.800.804 FC421CP Outdoor Call Point
517.050.043 4B-I Isolator Base
555.800.773 FC410QRM Quad Relay Module
555.800.771 FC410QIO Quad Input Output Module
555.800.770 FC410QMO Quad Monitored O/P
516.800.760 FC410LPSYR Sounder (Red)
516.800.761 FC410LPSYW Sounder (White)
516.800.762 FC410LPSY Sounder (Red)IP65
516.800.763 FC410LPAVR Sounder / Beacon (Red)
516.800.764 FC410LPAVW LP Sounder / Beacon White
516.800.766 FC410LPAV Sounder/Beacon (Red)IP65
516.800.710 FC430SB Loop powered sounder base not addressable
516.800.757 FC430LPSB Loop Powered Sounder Base
516.800.758 FC430LPASB Loop Powered Sounder Beacon Base
557.200.701 Fireclass FC32-1 Loop panel
557.200.702 Fireclass FC64-2 Loop panel
557.200.703 Fireclass FC64-4 Loop panel
557.200.704 Fireclass FC240-2 Loop panel
557.200.705 Fireclass FC240-4 Loop panel
557.202.080 TLI800EN EN54 approved network card
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