FIRERAY 5000 Auto Aligning Infrared Optical Beam Smoke Detector New Updated Two Detector Head Design


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Dear Valued Customer;

FireClass are pleased to be able to announce the availability of an update to the popular FireRay 5000 motorised Optical Beam Smoke Detector. This detector was first launched in 2008 (see marketing bulletin MS4102) and in response to feedback from the field, a number of improvements have been made to the design.

The most significant improvement is ability to drive two detector heads and provide two independent fire and fault signals to the control panel.


Features / Benefits of the new FireRay 5000 System
  • A system controller can connect to two detector heads and the controller provides Fire & Fault relays for each detector.
  • Reduces the complexity and cost of multi-head systems
  • Lower current consumption of 5.5mA for a single detector system or 8mA for a two-detector system and 36mA in high current mode. This makes system design less complicated, particularly when used with the FireClass BDM800 beam detector module.
  • Built-in event logger. The system controller has an event log so that technicians can see what events have occurred whilst not in attendance on site.
  • Saves time and cost when investigating unwanted alarms or intermittent events.
  • Approved for use with non-shielded cable.
  • Reduced cost for retrofit applications.
  • The current production controller could connect up to four detector heads but there was only one pair of Fire & Fault relays shared between all of them which made multi-head designs impractical.
  • The old unit required 10–16mA for 1- to 4-head systems, and 50mA in high current mode.
  • Previously it was not possible to see what types of problem had been experienced without sending the customer a bespoke controller that then had to be sent back for analysis.
  • The old unit was approved for use with shielded cable only.
New and old system controllers and detector heads are interchangeable and fully compatible but old system controllers configured with three or four heads would need to be replaced by two new controllers.
This update will be implemented when stocks of the existing model have been exhausted.
Prices remain unchanged.
Product codes                    Product Description
516.015.020                         FireRay 5000 System (50m)
516.015.021                         FC460H Heat Detector
Download the full FireRay Bulletin here.
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