December 2013 FireClass Ceiling Tile Adapter Product of the Month


​With seasonal greetings the FireClass product of the month for December 2013 is the Ceiling Tile Adapter for fitting smoke and fire detectors.  The time saver ceiling adapter reduces installation time of smoke and fire detectors by 30%.  Smoke detectors and smoke alarms can now be mounted in ceilings even if the suspended ceiling hasn’t been mounted when the electrical installer installs and wires the smoke alarms and detectors.

Installing detectors on suspended ceilings can often require repeat visits and requires contractors such as commission engineers and electricians to work alongside each other. The time saving ceiling mount allows smoke alarms and fire detectors to be installed at once, this saves by time and money for the installer and end user.  Complicated ceilings may previously have resulted in huge costs due to their nature, the time not only of the installers would be taken into account but also of any machinery or equipment needed to access these areas.  Health and safety concerns are also eased as contractors will be on site for less time and all contractors wouldn’t need to be on site at the same time, once again relieving health and safety issues.

  • Reduced risk of multiple visits or wasted journeys saving money.
  • Ladders and Scissor Lift usage reduced saving money.
  • Parts can be fitted there and then saving money and getting the building fire safe faster.

Watch the Ceiling Tile Adapter Kit Video Now

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