​Retailers large and small face the constant challenge of loss prevention, whether the risk is vandalism or arson, customer or staff theft, fraud or robbery.


Protecting a business against fire and smoke damage, but most importantly, safeguarding the welfare of employees and customers, should be of primary concern in the overall running costs of any business.

Industry statistics tell us that commercial fires cost more than £2 billion to the UK economy in 2013 and 60% of private businesses never recover from a fire.


Tyco is committed to helping customers achieve their commercial and industrial safety and security goals so that they may maintain and improve business productivity.


    ​Reduce false alarms

    Suitable fire detection for those with hearing/sight difficulties

    Limit panic and manage evacuation easily when in alarm

    Test mulitple devices from one location

    Large multi site premises

  • Multisensor detectors - FC460PH
  • FC501 Panel
  • Combined sounders beacons
  • Reflective Sound Monitoring
  • TSM800 Door control module
  • FC MAE Multi Account Engine monitoring software
  • FireClass Graphics
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