Hotels offer a complex challenge with varying room sizes, restaurants, leisure facilities and public areas all under one roof. The reliability of fire and alarm systems is paramount as their primary function is to protect life.
FireClass systems provide the most effective cover and performance you can count on, with minimum disruption to the operation of the building and its occupants.
Most hotel bedrooms have en-suites containing bath and shower. Both of these can generate substantial amounts of steam which is known to trigger some smoke detectors and generate false alarms. This disruption can be extreme and result in an unnecessary full evacuation. Guests can be inconvenienced if sleeping, eating in the restaurant, relaxing in the bar, or in a meeting or conference. Not to mention the financial implications when guests refuse to pay or take their business elsewhere for the next visit. 

    ​Sleeping risk

    Ensuring all guests and staff feel safe and protected

    Risk of false alarms - steam from bathrooms

    Suitable fire detection for those with hearing/sight difficulties

    Reducing the risk of panic when in alarm

    Testing multiple devices from one location

  • Multisensor detectors - FC460PH
  • FC501 Panel
  • Combined sounders beacons
  • Reflective Sound Monitoring
  • TSM800 Door control module
  • FC MAE Multi Account Engine monitoring software
  • FireClass Graphics
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