The Benefits of installing FIRECLASS into a School
Overview: The Requirements for installing a suitable fire detection and alarm system within a School in the UK is described within the BS5839-1:2013 Code of practice and will vary dependent upon the type and size. Some small schools may only require a manual system, whereas the larger secondary schools will benefit from having automatic fire detection installed.
Arson in schools is a problem requiring a category P2 system with detectors installed in critical and high value areas.
In schools where evening classes are held and only partially occupied a category L (Life) 4 or 5 system would normally be employed.
Schools are also quite diverse in their occupancy and therefore the fire detector should suit the environment, a normal classroom is obviously quite different to a physics laboratory or a craft workshop.
During unoccupied periods a different set of rules may apply when the detection system will need to be at its most sensitive.
Disruption to the school day as a result of unwanted alarms can be critical, especially during examinations and so the reliability factor is extremely important when selecting a suitable system.
The FIRECLASS fire detection and alarm system is a complete system from a single manufacturer designed to provide optimum performance at all times. Some of the systems key features are highlighted below.



    ​Reduce false alarms - malicious/chemistry labs/gym showers

    Limit panic and manage pupils when in alarm


    Non fire experts on site


    System that will work over a large multi site campus

  • Multisensor detectors - FC460PH
  • Manual call points with case
  • FC501
  • Combined sounders beacons
  • Reflective Sound Monitoring
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