​The FireClass range comprises a complete fire detection solution for all commercial environments. Bringing sophisticated fire detection technology into public spaces, used by millions each day, will ensure a safe and secure environment.


FireClass systems provide an unbeatable level of accuracy and ease of use for building personnel, installers and firefighters. At the first sign of danger, the FireClass system triggers a pre-programmed coordinated alarm, people are led out of the danger area via both audio and visual messages, and extinguishing systems are activated if required.

Our detectors can be found in almost every commercial environment including office complexes, hotels and shopping centres, schools and hospitals around the world.

    ​Sleeping risk

    Non-expert occupants - not familiar with surroundings

    Risk of false alarms - steam from bathrooms

    Suitable fire detection for those with hearing/sight difficulties

    Reducing the risk of panic when in alarm

    Testing multiple devices from one location

  • Multisensor detectors - FC460PH
  • FC501 Panel
  • Combined sounders beacons
  • Reflective Sound Monitoring
  • TSM800 Door control module
  • FC MAE Multi Account Engine monitoring software
  • FireClass Graphics
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