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The reliability of a suitable fire detection and alarm system within a residential care home is paramount as its primary function is to protect life in a building with high sleeping risk.


Unlike most buildings whose occupants are of sound mind and body, this is often not the case in residential care premises and this should be taken into account when designing the fire system.


Disruption from false alarms can be stressful to residents and it is therefore vital that the chosen system provides effective cover, performs reliably, and gives the maximum possible warning in the event of a fire event, given the additional difficulties in evacuating residents to safety.


    ​Sleeping risk

    Reduce false alarms

    Suitable fire detection for those with hearing/sight difficulties

    Limit panic and manage evacuation easily when in alarm

    Test multiple devices from one location

  • FC501 Panel
  • Multisensor detectors - FC460PH
  • Combined sounders beacons
  • Reflective Sound Monitoring
  • TSM800 Door control module
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