JCI Speaker PCP-20TN

It offers high quality sound reproduction and intelligible broadcast of voice evacuation messages thanks to its high sound pressure level, low distortion and a broad frequency response range. Its high IP ensures reliable operations over wide temperature and humidity ranges making it ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.​

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  • ​​Complies with EN 54-24 standard
  • Excellent sound reproduction
  • Intelligible voice broadcasting

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CE JCI PCP-20TN - Rev1Approvals
JCI PCP-20TN_enData Sheets
CE JCI PCP-20TN - Rev1Approvals
JCI PCP-20TN_esData Sheets
JCI PCP-20TN_itData Sheets

Part & Order Information

Product Order Codes:

590.003.006            PCP-20TN 20W Unidirectional Projection Loudspeaker​

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