JCI Speaker DS-60TN

DS-60TN is a high-performance anti-vandal 6W voice alarm cabinet loudspeaker. It provides a broad frequency response range, low distortion and high sound pressure level for accurate and intelligible broadcast of evacuation messages and high quality sound reproduction. It's ideal for sound distribution in various types of commercial buildings. Its low-profile, white colour design blends easily with most interiors in locations such as hotels, conference rooms, cinemas, factories and exhibitions. This voice alarm speaker complies with BS 5859 part 8 and EN 54 part 24.​

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  • Intelligible voice and superior sound reproduction
  • Robust metal enclosure
  • Harmonious with all indoor decoration
  • Simple power setting
  • Easy installation
  • Complies with EN 54-24 standard

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JCI PAVA DS60TN DoPApprovals
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CE JCI DS-60TN - Rev1Approvals
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JCI DS-60TN_esData Sheets
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​590.003.005            DS-60TN 9W Wall-mount Loudspeaker with Back-box

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