Graphics software for FC500 Series Panels

FireClass Console Multi Account Engine (FC MAE) allows users to monitor multiple FireClass systems spread across the world from a single workstation.
It manages up to 32 FC500 series panels (FC501, FC510, FC520) connected via Ethernet through the FC500IP3 module, showing their real time status and alerting the operator once an event occurs in one of the monitored systems
Product order code: 557.202.726

General Features
-     Remote management via Ethernet.
-     Monitors up to 32 FC500 Series panels (FC501/510/520).
-     Pop-up and audio notification on new events.
-     Traffic light style indicators for panels status.
-     Overall system status indicator.
-     Integrated with FireClass Console and FireClass 500 Console software.
-     Quick link to the FireClass graphic maps.
-     Single log file for the whole monitored system.
-     Data encryption by AES128.
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FireClass Multi Account Engine Software Approvals

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557.202.726 FC MAE -FC500 panels monitoring software

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