Addressable Detectors

The FC460 range of detectors use the FireClass digital protocol to provide robust and reliable communications to the control panel. A wide range of cable types can be used and the open topology capability of the system makes it ideal for the upgrade of older systems whilst reusing the cables to reduce cost.
FireClass FC460 detectors provide the best in class environmental and detection performance with the capability of detecting all fire types. The range includes an Optical/Heat Multisensor and Optical/Heat/CO Triple Multisensor.
Automatic self-testing of each sensor element offers reassurance of operation at all times and the 360º alarm, isolated and fault LED on each detector provides instant line of sight. Fourteen EN54 approved modes/sensitivities for the Optical/Heat Multisensor help to provide one of the best and most versatile detectors on the market.
Combined Optical and Heat Detector
With its ability to detect a wide range of fires, from flaming to smouldering types, the combined optical and heat multi-sensor detector is the preferred choice for a range of applications including light industrial, retail and office environments. It operates in a number of approved modes and sensitivities that can be dynamically selected to suit different environmental conditions.
Product order code: 516.460.501
Optical Detector
More benign environments where any potential fire will be slow burning can be protected using the optical detector. A choice of sensitivities gives this detector a broad range of applications.
Product order codes: 516.460.502
Heat Detector
Complementing the range is the heat sensor which can operate in fixed temperature and rate-of-rise modes. It is most often used in areas where high levels of dust are present or where the environment precludes the use of smoke detectors.
Product order code: 516.460.503
Smoke, Heat and CO Detector
For life protection and when the environmental conditions are challenging, the multisensor smoke, heat and CO detector provides the ultimate in detector performance. It uses the three sensor elements in concert to accurately determine the presence of fire with false alarm rejection properties that make it the ideal choice for hotel bedrooms where steam from bathrooms is a common source of false alarms.
Product order code: 516.460.504
CO and Heat Detector
The FC400CH is designed to transmit, to a FireClass 500 control panel, digital signals which represent status of the carbon monoxide and heat elements of the detector.
Not compatible with FC32, FC64 and FC240.
Product order code: 516.800.701

General Features

-     Multiple fire detection modes.
-     FireClass detection algorithms.
-     CO fire detection technology.
-     Up to 250 detectors per loop.
-     Optional bi-directional line isolation.
-     Remote detector verification & temperature read out.
-     Highly featured service tool.
-     Programmable alarm LED with 360º viewing angle.
-     Optional detector locking pin.
-     Variety of sounder and relay detector base.
-     Internationally approved.

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FireClass Triple Sensor Technology BrochureBrochures
FC460 Detectors DatasheetData Sheets
CPR Declaration of Performance FC460PH 516.460.501Approvals
CPR Declaration of Performance FC460P 516.460.502Approvals
CPR Declaration of Performance FC460H 516.460.503Approvals
BRE LPCB Certificate of Conformity FC460PHApprovals
BRE LPCB Certificate of Conformity FC460PApprovals
BRE LPCB Certificate of Conformity FC460HApprovals
BRE LPCB Certificate of Conformity FC460PCApprovals
VdS Certificate of Approval FC460PHApprovals
Vds Certificate of Approval FC460PApprovals
Vds Certificate of Approval FC460HApprovals
Vds Certificate of Approval FC460PCApprovals
CertAlarm Certificate FC460PH Optical Flame Heat DetectorApprovals
CertAlarm Certificate FC460P FireClass Photoelectric DetectorApprovals
CertAlarm Certificate FC460H FireClass Heat DetectorApprovals
CertAlarm Certificate FC460PC Heat Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detector Triple SensorApprovals
FC460P-FC460PH-FC460PC Schematic DrawingSchematic Drawings
FC460H Schematic DrawingTechnical Documentation
EN54-13 FIRECLASS System CertificateApprovals
Tyco_FireDtctnAlmCtrlIndctEquip_FireClass-AddressableOpticalSmokeAndHeatDetectorBIM Objects
Tyco_FireDtctnAlmCtrlIndctEquip_FireClass-AddressableHeatDetectorBIM Objects
FireClass Multi Sensor Smoke Detector Addressable Heat Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm FC460PC TechnologyPress Releases
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FireClass FC460 Smoke Fire Detectors Product Application and Design Information GermanTechnical Documentation
Fireclass FC460 Series Detectors Product Information GermanTechnical Documentation

Part & Order Information

Product Order Codes

516.460.501 FC460PH Photo Heat Detector
516.460.502 FC460P Photo Detector
516.460.503 FC460H Heat Detector
516.460.504 FC460PC Triple Sensor 
516.800.701 FC400CH Heat CO Detector

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