September 2013 FireClass Product of the Month




The FireClass Multi input Output Module has been awarded the September product of the month.  The FireClass multi input output interface has 3 inputs and 2 relay outputs as well as 4 signal outputs which can drive HVR relays.  The module can be mounted in the ancillary plastic 2 gang enclosure or on a din rail bracket. 


The FireClass multi input output interface features the ability to help out with saving addresses and wiring points on an install.  This helps to reduce loop loadings on the panel as there are fewer devices and considerably reduces time spent on labour when installing the fire alarm system. 
With the range of addresses being a particular area for engineers to be concerned with when installing a Fire Alarm Panel for the first time, this provides a real-time instant benefit to the daily workings for a fire alarm installer and engineer.
On existing FireClass panels the Multi Input Output module does take 7 addresses.  However when used in conjunction with the state of the art FireClass FC501 addressable panel, the multi input output interface takes just 1 main address and the other inputs / outputs take a sub address, or channel. 
The device is loop powered and provides a wonderful solution for addressable fire alarm systems whilst providing valuable savings by reducing time spent installing systems.
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