Product of the Month May 2013 - FireClass Prescient III 3 Zone Gas Fire Extinguishing System Fire Alarm Control Panel


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May brings us the FireClass Prescient III 3 Zone Gas Fire Extinguishing System Fire Alarm Control Panel as the Product of the Month.  To ensure FireClass provides a full spectrum offering to our customers and in turn provide the very latest and most comprehensive fire detection and suppression for individuals, the FireClass Prescient III Control Panel integrates the functions of a fire alarm system and a gas extinguishing system. The auxiliary zone only provides alarm indication. The FireClass Gas Extinguishing Control Panel has many applications and been used in a variety of industries, whether it be in boiler rooms, car parks, schools or even laboratories.   – This would be the text in the newsletter with a read more to a news article containing the info below along with some links to more information and the product 

ThePrescient III monitors one extinguishing area and one non-extinguishing area for fire conditions and gives appropriate audio and visual responses.

When a flammable gas or the vapour from a flammable liquid mixs with oxygen and ignites, the power of the explosion depends on both the fuel source and the abundance of the fuel.  The Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) is usually less than 5% volume as such there is a dangerous risk that an explosion could occur when small amounts of gas escape.  The Prescient III is able to detect these risks and trigger a release an extinguishant as part of a complete fire suppresion system.

As with any complex life safety system, the compatibility and approval of all the component parts is of paramount importance.  The Prescient III is a perfect example of this carries both EN54 part 2 and part 4 and EN12094 certification.  It is often not considered essential by other companies to obtain both detection and releasing approvals for one unit. FireClass seeks to give everyone, from an architect to an individual protected by the Prescient III panel and its gas extinguishing systems complete confidence and peace of mind that in the event a fire breaks out, the latest and most dedicated technology out there is designed to protect lives.​

To learn more about the FireClass Prescient III 3 Zone Gas Fire Extinguishing System Fire Alarm Control Panel​, including technical information please click here

To download the latest copy of the recently released FireClass Fire Suppression catalogue please click here.​

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