Product of the Month July 2013 - FireClass Duo Cel Conventional Fire Alarm System Control Panel


Product of the month for July is theconventional fire alarm control panel, the FireClass Duo Cel.  Although we often extol the virtues of our addressable range systems, for smaller, less complicated applications a conventional system provides a simple value for money option. 
The Duo Cel fire alarm control panel is our entry level conventional panel.  It is fully approved for small systems and solutions and also comes with full Construction Products Directive approval.  The FireClass Duo Cel panel range is fully compliant with the mandatory requirement and selected optional requirements of EN54 parts 2 and 4.  For an entry level conventional fire alarm system you really can’t get any better than the FireClass Duo Cel Conventional Control Panel.
The FireClass Conventional Duo-Cel range includes 1, 2,4 and 8 zone versions as well as 8 zone repeater panels in both 24V DC and 2340V AC.  The standard panel monitors conventional detectors on the zone circuits and operates conventional sounders via the sounder circuits. 
3 repeaters can be included on the 4 and 8 zone Duo Cel Conventional fire alarm control panels.  The Duo Cel is the conventional panel of choice for most basic entry level jobs, from small shops and café’s to small restaurants.  As with all the FireClass open protocol range, the products are designed to be easy to install, program and use.
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