Product of the Month April 2013 PC based FireClass Graphics Fire Alarm Management System.


The FireClass Graphics (FCG) Client is used to monitor  all events that occur on the FireClass  fire system network. It can be used to isolate and de-isolate any device on the system. When an event occurs, for example a fire alarm, trouble or fault, all details pertaining to this event are immediately displayed.  In addition, building elevations and floor plans show the location of the event.  This is particularly useful in an emergency as the information is graphically displayed and can be understood in an instant. FireClass Graphics interfaces to the fully addressable FireClass fire alarm systems that monitor fire detectors and break glass call points.

FireClass Graphics has a print feature, which if enabled prints a colour graphic with the fire alarm highlighted in red.  These graphics screens contain all the information the operator and fire brigade require, including the best access route to the location of the fire alarm.  Different event activations are colour coded,  for example a fire is indicated in red, whereas a fault is indicated in yellow.
The FireClass Graphics system is a Client Server based system and  communicates with other ‘Client’ computers on the customers computer network through the addition of extra licences.  Instant recognition of a a fire alarm or other event type  can be seen on the FCG Client screen/s,  athe ‘Client’ screen instantly changes to ensure you are aware of the fire detection system events (e.g Fire. Fault, Isolate, etc.)
The FireClass Graphics fire alarm management system is only compatible with FireClass fire alarm control panels.  The FCG Graphics system can be connected to a single fire alarm control panel or a network of control panels using a TLI800EN networking card.
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