Product Feature - FC501 Quick Product Replacement Feature


FireClass has launched another time saving service feature. The replacement of a damaged or dirty detector can take time and valuable resource.

Now, with the latest feature from the FireClass FC501 you can replace a detector very easily. Simply follow these steps:
1.     Take a new detector to the location where the replacement is required
2.     Remove the old detector and replace it with a new un-programmed detector
3.     Next go to the FireClass FC501 panel, on the display will be the fault of the removed detector
4.     The display lines are numbered 1 – 4, select the number that the fault appears on (typically if only one fault it would be line 2)
5.     Once selected, after entering the passcode, you are prompted to change or readdress the new device with a message that confirms the device type e.g. “Do you want to replace the selected device 460P?”
6.     Confirm the address of the new device and your good to go.
After changing the head it is only a few button presses on the panel and the device is address and working all that is left is to test the new device – simple. No more need for hand held programmers.
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