New Addressable Fire Alarm Devices


Johnson Controls has introduced an innovative range of sounders, Visual Alarm Devices (VADs) and Visual Indicating Devices (VIDs), helping to improve performance of fire detection systems and ensure evacuation responses occur quickly during a real fire event.  

Specialists at Johnson Controls have used independent research into light patterns and their effect on triggering human reactions, to improve the design and functionality of the new range of VIDS and VADS. The research from the BRE shows that LED light output with a pulse width lower than 20 milliseconds is more effective at alerting people because of the light frequency. Engineers at Johnson Controls have adopted these findings, to ensure the visual alarm devices in the FireClass range flash at a pulse width, which is always less than 20 milliseconds when activated. 
The devices use a new and highly sophisticated self-testing technology, developed by Johnson Controls to assess real light and sound output. This enables facility managers to test and maintain the devices much faster than before. During a test, the actual light and sound output levels of the devices are checked and recorded in a fraction of second. Data on their output levels is sent back to the fire control panel to highlight if devices are not functioning as required, making it simpler and quicker to see if any need replacing. 
Once installed, facilities managers can use the device’s Reflective Sound Monitoring (RSM) and Reflective Light Monitoring (RLM) features, to perform a full test of sounders, VID and VAD devices. This remarkable self-testing means the device’s output can be tested without causing disruption to occupants and reducing desensitization of a genuine activation. 
The low current consumption of this new range is also a great advantage to systems designers as it means that more sounders, VIDS and VADs can be accommodated on a single loop.
Peter Hauser, Senior Global Product Manager from Johnson Controls said: “With the new EN54-23 standards it is increasingly important for installers and consultants to consider the requirements of VADs in complete fire detection solutions. These devices play a crucial role in alerting people and evacuating them safely in the case of a fire. Within our new range we have enhanced the capability of these devices above and beyond the requirements of recognized standards. Our products are supported by a complete range of design, commissioning and installation guidance, as well as the knowledge and experience of our fire detection experts to help customers select the most effective and compliant solution to meet their specific needs.” 
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