NEW – Duct Probe Unit DPK6 available for use with FC460PH Multi Sensor Smoke Detectors


FireClass is pleased to announce the availability of the new Duct Probe Unit, DPK6 and accessories.

The DPK6 Duct Probe units have been developed to detect smoke in ventilation ducts and offer significant benefits in terms of performance and installation.
For most applications, smoke or combustion products are likely to have travelled some distance, ageing the smoke prior to reaching the probe unit. It is therefore normally recommended that an optical smoke detector is fitted, and this is often a requirement of building regulations. The DPK6 duct probe units are for use with FC460PH Multi Sensor Smoke Detectors.
The DPK6 Duct Probe units are not normally mounted directly inside ducts because the airflow only allows the detector to sample air from a small section of the duct and such detectors would rapidly become dirty. Instead, ducting is protected by the use of probe units which gather air from a cross section of the duct and pass it through a smoke detector head.
The system comprises only one single duct probe tube which improves efficiency and reduces installation time. The DPK6 duct smoke detector housing is designed to comply with the stringent demands of new European standard EN 54-27. The system fulfils all the requirements for safe fire detection with airflow speeds from 1.5 m/s to 20 m/s.
For the air flow through the adaptor to be representative of the airflow in the ventilation duct, the detector should be installed at a place where normal flow meters are sited.
Key Features
·         DPK6 for use with FC460PH with built-in 4B-C 4” continuity base.
·         Designed to comply with EN 54-27.
·         One-pipe air sampling system.
·         Patented venturi pipe and duct housing.
·         Test hole on cover.
·         Simple installation.
·         Sensitive flow indicator.
·         Simple service and maintenance.
·         A range of aluminium probe tubes are available for ducts up to 2700 mm.
To view the product on the FireClass website please click here. Or you can find it on page 102 of our product catalogue. Download it here.
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