Growing Trends in Data Centre Fire Protection


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With the ever increasing demand for data, more and more businesses within the fire detection industry are increasingly being sought for advice on how to protect data centres.



This is because a growing number of businesses are holding data off site in specialist data centres. Because of this growing trend, consideration needs to be given to the effects on business continuity and the centralised location of business data in the event of a fire.


A fire in an electronic equipment installation can lead to extensive physical damage to the electronic equipment and serious interruption of operations and services.

If a fire does occur, its effects can be minimised by appropriate structural fire protection measures, early detection and extinguishing of the fire, either of which might occur automatically or manually.


BS 6266 gives guidance on these measures, taking into consideration the characteristics of those environments in which electronic equipment installations are located.


The extensive use of fire protection systems in electronic installations arises not from a high probability of fire, nor from a significant hazard to life, but from the consequences of fire loss.


It is often necessary to consider the potential for business interruption separately from the potential for material damage. It is essential that the level of protection is reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains appropriate to the exposure to loss.


Businesses should look to comply with the standard’ BS6266 2011 in order to ensure they provide the maximum protection possible in electrical environments. Although the standard covers a wide range of areas and risk categories– from a  detection manufacturers’ perspective, we have to act as quickly and effectively as possible. Therefore having a broad selection of devices for each risk is critically important.  These would include Optical and Heat Detectors, Triple Sensors and Flame Detectors etc.

Sapphire Fire Protection in a Data Centre

Tyco Fire Protection Products have just this week finished showcasing the FireClass range of addressable, conventional and suppression fire solutions at Data Centre World, held at the Excel Arena, London.  This is one of the few exhibitions where a specialist market requirement is served with one show at one location, with visitors attending from all over the world. 

This was a great opportunity for Tyco to show potential customers and end users how a full business solution could be offered with its suppression and detection divisions through its main FireClass and LPG brands. 

Tyco Fire Protection Products at Data Centre World



FireClass displayed the very latest in fire detection technology with a range of panels including the soon to be launched J408 and the FC501, FC32 and Prescient III panels.  All EN54 and Part-13 approved, this CPR compliant open protocol system is the latest solution for many environments.


With data centres, close attention needs to be given to device spacing as there may be high air flow, or an intention to place a device locally to every tower or IT unit.   By having the 250 addressees on our loops you can heavily populate one set of cables, without running additional loops into an area, saving on cable and labour costs - making our installs very competitive.   


The Multi and triple sensor detector add additional protection, by using multiple elements to detect a fire. Because we are looking at an electrical based fire we need to be sure we detect all types of smoke, for both clean burning fires and smouldering, so the additional heat element gives us advantage with regards to quick and accurate detection. The need for accurate detection is also key as false alarms could mean releasing the suppression / extinguishing agents which are costly to replace.


Tyco FireClass are in a unique position whereby we have the LPG team working alongside us.   Therefore if you are operating in the data centre market and offering protection, we are able to offer a full service solution.  For more information contact us now on  

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