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The latest version of our global catalogue is now available for download:


English versions

  FireClass global product catalogue, low resolution version

It features our full product range and has an easy-to-use layout with an icon library to help you identify the main applications and uses for our detection technology. Within the description you can learn how our solutions have been developed to help solve specific problems that can occur when specifying and installing a fire detection solution.

We’ve also included an introduction to our best in class developments:


Reflective Sound Monitoring (RSM) is used to monitor the audio output of sounders quickly and efficiently via a built in microphone.
Multi Sensor Detector FC460PH
Our latest combined optical and heat sensing smoke detector and the most flexible detector in the FireClass range. It can be adapted to provide protection in a range of environments. 
Multi Account Engine is the newest FireClass software that allows users to monitor multiple fire detection systems across the world from one location.
Duct Probe Unit DPK6 has been developed to detect smoke in ventilation ducts and offer significant benefits in terms of performance and installation.
Addressable Call Points our new comprehensive range of call points for use with FireClass addressable systems using robust and reliable FireClass open protocol.
The catalogue also features information on total fire protection solutions from Tyco Fire Protection Products and information about systems integration from Tyco Security Products.
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