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The latest version of our global catalogue is now available for download:


  FireClass Product Catalogue AAFF 2021 English Digital Version​​​


FireClass Product Catalogue Dutch Digital Version

It features our full product range and has an easy-to-use layout with an icon library to help you identify the main applications and uses for our detection technology. Within the description you can learn how our solutions have been developed to help solve specific problems that can occur when specifying and installing a fire detection solution.

We’ve also included an introduction to our best in class developments:

FC500 Addressable Panel Series

The FC503 and the FC506 are the newest FireClass addressable panel solution for a wide range of applications and requirements. Conceived to be extremely easy to install and use, both of the new panels are an “out of the box” solution which offer the simplicity of a conventional system and the benefits of the FireClass addressable digital technology.

FC700 Addressable Panel Series

The two and eight loop addressable panels from FireClass are highly featured digital addressable fire alarm systems with an advanced TFT colour touch-screen user interface that is ergonomically engineered specifically for fire alarm control.

Addressable Fire Alarm Device Series

A comprehensive range of visual alarm and visual indication devices as well as sounders and sounder bases that benefit from the Reflective Sound and Light Monitoring features. Reflective Light Monitoring (RLM) is used to perform a full self-test of all VADs. Reflective Sound Monitoring (RSM) enables a full-self test of sounding devices. RSM and RLM measure and test sound and light output. These are not based on electronic measurements or simulations, but on real output.

Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

FireClass has extended its range by two brand new public address and voice alarm systems. The NEO PA/VA system is a compact, all-in-one, cost-effective unit which is the first and currently the only EN 54-16 certified system. The ONE PA/VA system is a complete PA and voice evacuation system with an EN 54-4 battery charger integrated in a single device.

The catalogue also features information on total fire protection solutions from Johnson Controls and information about systems integration from Tyco Security Products.​

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