FireClass FC501 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel - Product of the Month June 2013


The FireClass FC501 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel is undoubtedly the product of the month for June 2013.  Launched at Firex 2013 the product drew so much interest people were queuing to get a glimpse of the product and the technology.
The Out of the box fire alarm panel can be programmed in under 5 minutes.  See our very own Roberto Catena programming the panel in 2 mins 41 seconds.  Users who had never seen the panel took part in a competition at Firex 2013 to prove the ability to program the fire panel in less than 5 minutes, videos can be seen here​.
The FireClass FC501 fire alarm panel can house 128 devices across 32 zones, all of which can be auto addressed providing significant time savings for installers.  Housing the best technology on the marketplace, the FireClass FC501 panel is also significantly smaller than some of its larger counter parts, appearing almost the size of a repeater panel providing a neat and attractive solution for architects and design engineers.  The addressable open protocol fire alarm panel also features the ability to program the panel via an usb connection.  This can be done directly through a laptop or even a USB memory stick.
With the addition of the FC500IP3 IP Module the device can be remote accessed from anywhere in the world, providing significant benefits to both end users and fire alarm installers.
The FireClass FC501 fire alarm panel incorporates addressable digital technology in the fire alarm system.  At a price level resembling conventional systems the fire alarm control panel is superb for less complex and smaller scale applications, such as shop fittings, factories, schools, hotels and warehouses.
Interested in the technical side? Download the FireClass FC501 Addressable Open Protocol Fire Alarm Panel Data Sheet here.
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