False Alarm Management using Technology in University and Accommodation Buildings


Only a small percentage of students attend a university in their home town, so many thousands will need to find somewhere to live in the vicinity of their chosen university. Both universities themselves and specialised commercial organisations offer various types of accommodation for students. New buildings and alterations to existing structures, whether domestic of non-domestic are required to comply with building regulations and standards on fire safety.
Many multiple occupancy buildings will have automatic fire detection systems throughout their premises for the purpose of business protection or insurance requirements. For maximum effectiveness in the case of a real fire, where there is no 24 hour presence on site, these buildings are also known to subscribe to the services of an alarm-receiving centre who respond to alarms by notifying Fire Authorities and key holders of the company when an alarm is activated. These systems are also useful where people on the site or occupants may not have the time, or cannot be relied upon, to call the emergency services.
According to the Fire Industry Authority (FIA) although the UK has seen a general reduction in false alarm call outs over the last ten years, the problem and costs still prevail.
Consequently fire authorities and emergency response services rely on fire detection technology to help them determine false and real fire situations more accurately. Some authorities require a visual verification of a fire, from someone at the scene, before they administer emergency response teams. Technology from Johnson Controls has been designed to reduce false alarm instances, thereby improving fire detection accuracy and reliability. 
We specialise in providing all the latest fire detection and fire protection systems and provide protection to industrial, residential and commercial environments. Through our dedication to extensive research, product development and continuous improvement, we have developed a range of solutions designed to protect some of the world’s most prestigious buildings.
For further information on the application of our fire detection systems across University and Student Accommodation please read our guide here.
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