Extended Capabilities: 99 Nodes Network


The network capability on FC32/FC64 and FC240 fire alarm control panels is now extended to 99 nodes. Now, up to 99 panels can be networked together, creating a fire detection system made of up to 99,000 points.


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Extended network capability
In answer to our customers’ needs to have more panels on a single network, especially for larger sites and projects with multiple buildings, we recently released our latest firmware. This development allows customers to increase the network capability for all FC32, FC64 and FC240 fire alarm control panels.
This new offering will enable larger fire detection systems with up to 99 panels to be networked together instead of only 24. The fire detection system can be made up to 99,000 points including detectors, modules and visual alarm devices.
Key Features
                 Improved fire detection solution for large sites, for example campus areas, hospitals or high-rise buildings
                 Higher flexibility in system design
                 Lower installation cost through less wiring
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