Construction Products Regulation EU No 3052011 - CPR Announcement from FireClass


As you may already be aware, the Construction Products Regulation EU No 305/2011 (CPR) came into force with effect from the 1st of July 2013 and is a mandatory requirement within the EU however is fundamentally different to the previous Construction Products Directive (CPD).

Although all EEC members adopted the Construction Products Directive there were exceptions to its implementation, notably the UK, Eire and Sweden did not enforce CE marking to the CPD on fire detection products within their own borders whilst new EEC member states negotiated a transition period. Conversely, due to the fact that the CPR is a regulation and not a directive it will become mandatory without the requirement for any national implementation measures.
Under the Construction Products Regulation all product must be CE Marked to the relevant harmonized standards. The harmonised standards for fire detection products are the EN 54 series.
CPR makes clear the requirements for use of the CE product marking and manufacturers must have a Declaration of Performance (DoP) drawn up for that product. The DoP is a document that declares the product performance according to “Essential Characteristics” specified in the Harmonised Standard.
The CE mark indicates that the manufacturer takes responsibility for the product with its declared performance.
Tyco Fire Protection Products can confirm that relevant products within its FireClass will carry the CE mark in accordance with the CPR and the Declarations of Performance (DoP) can be found on the FireClass website.
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